How Dehumidifi Helps Protect You And Your Family

Mold spores and dust mites are literally everywhere, but they require environments with 70% to 80% moisture to thrive and grow. When a room isn’t properly ventilated, moisture can accumulate in places you can’t see such as behind walls, under the sink, in the closet, and much more, leading to health problems ranging from a cough to severe respiratory distress and everything in between.

You’ll be surprised at the difference this powerful device makes to the air quality in your home.

Improved Air Quality Dehumidifi removes up to 8 ounces (over 1 cup) of moisture in environments with up to 80% humidity. Allergens like dust mites thrive in conditions of 65% humidity or more and this small device quickly brings the humidity in your room down to healthy humidity levels between 30 to 50%. Our customers report improved sleep quality simply by having it in the room each night.

Powerful, Quiet, and Energy Efficient Powered by advanced cooling technology, Dehumidifi is extremely quiet while having the power of a larger humidifier. You can leave Dehumidifi on while you sleep or work to provide you with cool, clean, and drier air without running up your electric bill. It may even help save on air conditioning repair costs, as your A/C unit won’t have to work as hard to remove excess humidity from the rooms where Dehumidifi is placed.

The Simple Way Dehumidifi Helps To Lower Humidity

Dehumidifi uses a powerful fan to draw in warmer air currents over refrigerated coils. As the warm air passes over the cooler coils, water vapor in the air condenses into water droplets that collect in the water tank. What comes out is cooler, drier air that’s easy to breathe.

What makes Dehumidifi different is its sheer power. You don’t need to find space for a large dehumidifier for your room. Dehumidifi is powerful enough to bring down the humidity in your room and you’ll feel the difference.

Dehumidifi also has advanced features including shutting off automatically when its water tank is full. The LED light will change to red to show that the machine has stopped running and that it’s time to empty the water tank.

You’ll never have to deal with a mini-flood in your closet or bathroom just because you forgot to empty the water tank. No mess, no fuss.

Keep Humidity In Check Before It Causes Problems

Portable, Easy to Use, and Effective

Dehumidifi’s portable, plug-and-play design means that you can easily find a spot for your dehumidifier and get it set up in less than a minute. There’s no excuse not to keep the humidity in your home in check before mold starts growing and causes health problems for your family.


  • Eliminate Pests: When you get rid of dust mites and mold, you’re also destroying the conditions that are favorable for pests like silverfish, spiders and cockroaches.
  • Reduce Window Condensation: You know you have muggy air when you can actually see the water vapor condensing on the windows. If you find yourself always wiping the condensation from your windows, you could have excessive humidity in your home. Dehumidifi can quickly bring down the humidity and reduce condensation.
  • Protect Home Furnishings: Drier conditions protect not only pricey electronics but also your furniture, bedsheets and curtains from damage caused by the growth of mold.
  • More Efficient Air-Conditioning: Air conditioners don’t only cool the air, they also remove moisture. With a dehumidifier to help, your air conditioner doesn’t work as hard and so you don’t have to repair it as often.
  • Food Lasts Longer: Cereal and breads remain fresher for a longer time without going stale.
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Average Rating







Average Rating

“I ordered one for each bedroom and they are amazing! They are quiet enough to sleep with even if they are left on overnight. They fill up in about 2-3 days and have eliminated the damp smell in the bedrooms. We couldn’t be happier with how they well they work!”

- Janica B. Houston, TX

‘Dehumidifi is wonderfully quiet. In a room with any other sound (tv, radio, talking, street noise, or fan, etc) you won't even notice it, and even in an otherwise silent room it's just a pleasantly gentle/steady wind-type sound. I plugged this in near me on a hot humid day and I could feel a big difference within about 10 minutes.'

- Emily F. Jacksonville, FL

“This is a really good dehumidifier. It doesn’t take up much room and looks nice on a desk. Not to mention that it’s very effective. It’s so quiet at night and I sleep so much better now and I can’t sleep with it off!”

- Nick W. Seattle, WA

“I’ve been using Dehumidifi for about 8 months and I still can’t believe how effective it is at reducing the humidity anywhere I put it! I don’t get a stuffy nose as often anymore and I’ve noticed less mold in my bathroom too. I have another one by my washer and dryer and I’m going to get another one for my bedroom.”

- Jennifer S. Syracrus, NY